Discoverer® Core Trays Launched into the Latin America Marketplace

Recently our Managing Director, Tanju Kadir took an exciting trip to Peru and Brazil attending trade shows and Vale mine site visits to launch our Discoverer® core tray product throughout Latin America. The adventure commenced with a short stopover [...]

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Discoverer® Exhibited again at Chinese Mining Expo

At the end of 2013 our valued Chinese distributor Beijing XINYUANZHION Technology Development Co. Ltd presented our Discoverer® core tray products for the second year in a row at the China Mining Expo in Tianjin. The annual event was [...]

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Review of Core Trays for Geologists and Drillers

Drillers and Geologists ..... Once you have used our Discoverer core trays / boxes you will be very reluctant to return to any other core tray / box. Contact us today to arrange a free no obligation sample pack [...]

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Exporting Worldwide

As the manufacturers of the Discoverer core tray, Yandina Plastics fit into the category of medium businesses that are beginning to take advantage of global opportunities by exporting our products abroad and finding new markets in foreign countries. With [...]

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Calling all core shed managers, geologists, field hands and drillers. Have you ever suffered a burn injury from picking up a hot galvanised core tray / box? Have you ever sustained a manual handling injury using a core tray [...]

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Our Sub-Zero Discoverer core tray range is ready for shipment

Here at Yandina Plastics manufacture a range of core trays / boxes that can be used in sub-zero conditions. In fact, our sub-zero range has been tested to -35°c.  The grade used in our regular range of our core [...]

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Discoverer ID Tag Usage

Transcript This is what makes sure that it stays in the tray even if it’s windy and on-the-go conditions.  Once the aluminum strip has been scribed on and put into position, slow press will avoid [...]

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Discoverer ID Lid Clip Usage

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Discoverer Testing

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