The Geology and Economics of Rare Earth Elements: Part II

Welcome back to our two part series on rare earth elements. We hope you found the introduction to the uses and geology of rare earth elements in part I useful. In part two, we’ll talk a bit about the [...]

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The Geology and Economics of Rare Earth Elements: Part I

An interesting infographic found below inspired me to start thinking about rare earth elements. Anyone with a stake in mining or technology has heard of, and potentially worried about the supply of, rare earth elements. We often hear that they’re vital to many [...]

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Exploring the Devonian Reefs of Western Australia

One of the most unique geologic settings in Australia lies in the Kimberly Region of northern Western Australia. While most of us know Western Australia for its mineral resources, the region also contains exceptional paleontological resources. The Great Devonian [...]

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Idiwhaa Rock Provides Clues about the Formation of the Continents

Scientists working at the University of Alberta have discovered evidence that may finally provide some answers to a question that has long puzzled geologists: how did the first continents form? Before we get into the details of the study, let’s [...]

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The Extra-Terrestrial Origins of Gold

Visual Capitalist, a producer of science and economics infographics, has recently published part two of a five part series on the science and economics of gold. The second part of the series, which deals with the formation of gold deposits and [...]

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Two Studies Cast New Light on Giant Crater

Two new studies published in the journal Geology have cast light on the mysteries of Earth’s largest and oldest known crater. The Vredefort Impact Crater, which is located in South Africa, is thought to have formed when a 10 km wide [...]

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How Geology Affects the Taste and Attributes of Beer

Wine lovers have long known that the terroir, or soil and climate conditions in which grapes are grown, has a powerful effect on the final taste of the wine. Terroir gives wines produced in different places unique attributes, even [...]

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Evidence of vast quantities of water inside Earth

In Jules Verne's science fiction novel, Journey to the Center of the Earth, an intrepid group of explorers descends deep into a system of caves purported to lead to the center of the earth. To their surprise, they emerge on [...]

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When the Continents Began to Break Apart

If things had been a little different, West Africa would currently be on the other side of the Atlantic. That's the startling conclusion of a recently completed study of the West Africa Rift Zone, a subsurface rift structure that [...]

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Record for the Oldest Know Piece of Earth

The record for the oldest solid piece of earth has been shattered by a tiny zircon crystal found on a sheep ranch in the Jack Hills region of Western Australia, about 800 km north of Perth (see the full story [...]

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