Measuring and Recording Structures in Core

Once the basic structural characteristics of a diamond drilling core have been determined, it's time to make some detailed measurements. A statistically robust quantification of the structural characteristics of a core allows for the development of 3d geologic models [...]

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Recognizing and Interpreting Structures in Core

Once diamond drilling cores have been recovered, cataloged, and stored safely in core boxes, the work of describing the cores begins. One important part of this work is the description and measurement of geologic structures. Structures such as faults and cleavage planes serve as [...]

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The Importance of Core Handling

Diamond drilling cores are an important investment for any mining company. The main advantage of the cores is that they provide a continuous, unbroken sample of the rock unit being drilled. This continuous sample allows geologists to examine small [...]

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The Process of Sampling and Assaying

Sampling and assaying of cores is a critical part of the drilling process. Getting core samples out of the ground and into core trays is not cheap, and it's important to maximise the amount of data that can be [...]

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Unravelling the Mystery of Earthquake Lights

It sounds like something from a bad science fiction movie - eerily glowing balls of light that hover above the ground or shoot across the sky before and during an earthquake. Throughout history, writers and scientists have been mystified [...]

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The likely Tsunami impact from an Asteroid

A large scale meteor impact is the often thought of as the stuff of science fiction. However, geologists know that impacts were likely responsible for more than one mass extinction during the history of life on Earth as well as [...]

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Heavy Comet Bombardment may have Started Life on Earth

The aftermath of a comet impact may not seem like the most likely place to look for the complex molecules required for life. However, recent computer simulations suggest that the heat and pressure of such a collision might actually [...]

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The Other Sequester: The Challenges of CO2 Sequestration

With CO2 levels in Earth's atmosphere rapidly increasing and global warming already underway, scientists and policymakers are beginning to look more seriously at the technical aspects of carbons sequestration. But what first seemed a simple and cost-effective solution has [...]

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“Energy-Water Nexus” will Challenge Water Managers for Foreseeable Future

Everything that we consume on Earth is dependent on two resources: water and energy. The pizza you ate for dinner, the shoes on your feet, the rare earth elements in your computer – all of these things required the [...]

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America’s Never Never: The Deserts of the Southwest

The Geotripper blog provides period stories about trips taken to interesting geologic locations. One recent series of posts focused on “America's Never Never” ( While images of Peter Pan and Captain Hook might come to mind, according to the [...]

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