US Government Scientists Develop Next Generation Model to Pinpoint Nuclear Tests

Scientists working at Sandia and Los Alamos National Laboratories have released an open source computer model which will allow for more accurate location of nuclear explosions. The model, called SALSA3D, consists of a detailed 3d map of the speed [...]

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Day in the Life of a Science Documentary Expert

Volcanologist Nick Petford is an expert in magmatic systems and volcanology. He's also an expert guest scientist who has appeared on numerous documentaries focusing on Krakatoa, the famous 1883 eruption in Java that changed volcanology from a field of [...]

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Slot Canyons: Exploring the World Below the Surface

Slot canyons have long intrigued geologists, artists, and the few brave souls who descend into the hidden worlds contained within their walls. The world within a slot is defined by two undulating rock walls, often only inches apart. The [...]

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Cool analog model for teaching Subduction Zones

Geology educators often struggle with how to best help students develop an intuitive understanding of complex geologic processes. One of the most effective methods is the use of physical models that students can touch, examine, and interact with. This [...]

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New Mineral Harder than Everything but Diamonds

A new mineral discovered in the Tibetan mountains of China has officially been accepted as the worlds second hardest mineral, after diamond. Named Qingsongite after its discoverer Qingsong Fang, the mineral has been produced in the laboratory for several [...]

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Uranium: The Past, Present and Future of an Important Resource

No mining product has generated more controversy than uranium. It is a unique element in many respects, many of which are highlighted in an entertaining and informative infographic produced by Kivalliq Energy Corporation (which, it should be noted, is [...]

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Modeling leads to New Understanding of Continent Formation

Scientists at University of Calgary and Universite du Quebec in Montreal recently published the results of a modeling study that may lead to a new understanding of the formation of continents. Their computer model describes the thermal evolution of [...]

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Geology Graduates Enjoy Excellent Career Prospects

Enrollment at University of North Carolina’s introductory geology class for majors has surged from 18 to 31 students in just one year. Why are so many students deciding to pursue a career in geology? Some students are guided by [...]

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Quantifying Cascadia Earthquake Risk

The Cascadia Subduction Zone of the Pacific Northwest poses one of the most underreported earthquake hazards of the Pacific Rim. Recent science has shown that it is capable of producing earthquakes similar to the devastating magnitude 9.2 earthquake that [...]

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Studies of Olivine weaken Tectonic Plate Lubrication Theory

It has long been hypothesized that the presence of water at subduction zones “lubricates” tectonic plates, allowing them to slide past each other more easily. This theory is supported by decades of lab experiments which examined the properties of [...]

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