Five of the World’s Most Extreme Mines

Mining has brought humans to some of the most extreme environments on the planet. As commodity prices rise, companies are pushing forward into regions that were previously considered to remote, dangerous, or extreme to be profitable. In this post [...]

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A Look at the Uses and Economics of Geosynthetic Materials

When we think about important pieces of technology used for mining or oil and gas operations, things like drilling rigs, diamond core drills, or processing equipment might come to mind. However, as a recent infographic published by Visual Capitalist [...]

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Robots and the Future of Mining

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the role drones might play in our society in the future. From controversial military applications to automated delivery robots for companies such as Amazon, drones seem poised to have a major [...]

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Solnitsata: A Society Built on Salt

Recent excavations at Provadia-Solnitsata, a 7,500 year old archeological site in southern Bulgaria that represents one of the earliest towns ever discovered in Europe, may help shed light on the links between mining, wealth, and trade in the ancient [...]

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The CIA, Sunken Nuclear Submarines, and Deep Sea Mining

Most new mining technology is now developed by private companies. In the realm of deep sea mining (covered in this blog post), Nautilus Minerals, inc. is currently a leader in the development of remotely operated seafloor mining technology. Although [...]

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Deep Sea Mining

The oceans cover about 70% of Earth’s surface. Scientists have estimated that nearly fifty percent of the earth’s living species reside in the oceans, and 97% of the water on Earth is contained within them. Most people learn these [...]

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The Process of Assaying

One of the most important steps to exploring for minerals is assaying ore bodies in the area of interest. The word "assay" comes from the Anglo-French word assai, which means "a trial" or "a test of character."  And that [...]

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The Many Uses of Silver

There's nothing better than an infographic to get us thinking about how important minerals are to modern civilization. The focus in this post? Silver. Explore more infographics like this one on the web's largest information design community - Visually.   [...]

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Drilling Into the Lower Crust: a Pacific Expedition answers some questions, raises new ones

A Groundbreaking ExpiditionAn international geoscience mission to drill into the lower oceanic crust has succeeded (, redefining our understanding of processes occurring beneath the seafloor. The 10 million dollar mission, referred to as Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 345, involved [...]

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Coal Mining In Australia: Companies Wary of Greenfield Development

Australian coal mining companies have been shelving greenfield projects in favor of increased extraction at existing mines. Companies, especially those that are not protected by diversification, would rather extract more from existing projects than initiate new projects that could [...]

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