BHP Billiton Invests in Mineral Exploration in Northern Chile

Australian mining company BHP Billiton has committed to investing in new exploration activities in northern Chile. The mineral rights to five chunks of land, covering 172,000 acres in total, are currently owned by Canadian company Polar Star Mining. According [...]

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Chinese Mining Entrepeneur Has Eyes on Australia’s Remote Northern Territory

Chinese mining entrepreneur Jerry Ren, whose mining empire has earned him the title “$900 million dollar man”, sees a sea of resources beneath the sands of Northern Australia. The region,  a desolate desert landscape crossed by two partially paved [...]

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A Look at the Worlds Fastest Growing Copper Mining Projects

As one of the most important metals, copper has a strong effect on consumer prices and economic production. In 2006 alone, the world production of copper was over 15 million tonnes. But where does all that copper come from? [...]

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Canada to Develop Anti-corruption reporting policies for extractive industries

Given that over half of the worlds mining companies are based in Canada, changes to the way Canada regulates mining companies can have global implications. It is therefore no surprise that transparency advocates are applauding Prime Minister Stephen Harper's [...]

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Asteroid Mining Proponents Identify 12 “Mineable” Asteroids

It sounds like something out of a science fiction movie - a group of entrepreneurs selecting which asteroids they would like to mine, sending out a small probe to retrieve them, and selling the materials in Earth orbit to [...]

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An On-the-ground Look at the Roper River Mining Boom, Australia

ABC has produced an interesting series of articles on the Roper River mining boom. The Roper River region, located in Australia’s remote Northern Territory, is well known for its iron ore deposits. The articles focus on the mixed bag [...]

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Mexico’s Natural Gas Quandary

Every day, huge liquefied natural gas tankers arrive in Mexico from Yemen, Nigeria, and other distant nations and offload their cargo. Their journey has taken them around South America’s tip - the tankers are too large to fit through [...]

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Is Magnesium the new Titanium?

The development of titanium alloys in the mid 1950s revolutionized aerospace and ultra-light manufacturing. Titanium is extremely light for its strength, weighing 45% less than an equally strong piece of steel. Although titanium is a very versatile material, engineers [...]

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Global Mineral Resources Map: Where be the treasure?

It's one thing to read economic reports or mining company reserve statements, but its another thing altogether to take a more geographic perspective. This map gives a nice global overview of the distribution of mineral resources. Where The Minerals [...]

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The right place at the right time: Cameco set to begin development of high grade Canadian uranium

The Cigar Lake region of Saskatchewan contains the worlds second largest uranium deposits - over 108 million pounds of triuranium octoxide are expected to be removed from the mine. Rather than directly mining into the deposit, mining company Cameco [...]

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