Product Features Unique to Discoverer® Series 3

We believe Geologist should spend more time out in the field exploring for the next big discovery, and that the job in the core shed should be made simpler, easier and a whole lot more efficient. We believe when lifting heavy objects every day, life needs to be as simple as possible. Discoverer Core Trays have been manufactured in Australia and been used by Geologists worldwide since 1993, so after years of extensive development the new Discoverer Series 3 is designed with a unique base achieving completely smooth operation on roller racking and multi directional transfer tables. Discoverer 3 also has a continuous gripbar running right around the tray, so it is easier to lift from your natural lifting position and more OH&S friendly. Don’t miss out on the many benefits this tray provides.


1. Roller Racking Friendly

Trays which don’t run smoothly, or bump on roller racking are difficult to work with and disturb the core. The unique flat bottom structure (patent pending) has been developed to ensure smooth movement on roller racking and ball transfer tables in any direction or at any angle, without disturbing the valuable core samples inside the tray.

2. Stable Stacking

The unique stacking design means that the trays stack perfectly on top of each other without the tray above touching the core in the tray below. Plus all Discoverer Series 3 trays have the same footprint so you can stack the different sized trays (NQ, HQ, PQ) on top of each other when changing the core barrel size within a drill hole.

3. Extra Channel Height

When stacking core trays containing fragmented, protrusive core there is a need to allow enough clearance between the core and the tray stacked on top. The Discoverer Series 3 has increased channel height to maximise the stability of trays even with fragmented core.

4. Ergonomic Gripbar

From any angle, from any side and to suit every natural lifting position for any user, the 360° continuous Gripbar makes the heavy lift simple. Whether pulling the tray along roller racking, or lifting trays onto the vehicle, you can get a grip on every side of the tray with absolute ease. The Gripbar is generously sized to suit even XL hands, and especially moulded for your comfort for both male and female geologists. It’s a pleasure to lift even when trays are full of core.

5. Clip-In Core Markers

Clip in Core Markers designed to optimise use of the tray.
The markers are colour coded to match the trays and the top surface is etched allowing you to record notes.

6. No Logging Errors

Bold Start Indicator gives clarity to drillers, reducing potential errors when logging the core.

7. No Waterlogging

Drainage Holes at both ends, helping your core to dry out and to remain stored in premium condition.

8. Indelible Record

Built-in ID tag holders are now moulded into both the front and the side of the trays. These provide a permanent record of tray contents.

9. Integral Strength

The patent pending interlocking bracing between tray rows ensures rigidity and strength through the whole length of the tray and increases the longevity of the product in the tough mining environment.

10. Transportation Stability

Unique Discoverer® Locking Links gives superior stability when valuable pallets of core are moved around, whilst also reducing the need for metal strapping.

11. Protection from Elements

Lids further protect your core integrity from the elements. They are manufactured from a durable UV plastic designed to last for extreme periods in the sun.

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1 Metre Core Capacity

Keeping core logging practices consistent and easy for the Geologist means it’s important to fit 1 meter of core in each row of your core trays. The Discoverer Series 3 has a 1 meter capacity in each row, to ensure that core logging is easier and you use fewer trays in comparison with shorter trays.

Core Tray Specifications

N Core Tray

Length: 1065mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 67.5mm
Diameter: 52.5mm
Weight: approx. 1.9kg
Core Capacity: 5 Meters
Colour: Beige
Pallet Qtys:
– Truck approx 98 (2210mm high)
– 20ft Container* approx. 105 (2343mm high)
– 40ft HC Container* approx. 120 (2658mm high)

H Core Tray

Length: 1065mm Width: 385mm
Height: 83.5mm
Diameter: 65mm
Weight: approx. 2.3kg
Core Capacity: 4 Meters
Colour: Pastel Green
Pallet Qtys:
– Truck approx 80 (2180mm high)
– 20ft Container* approx. 90 (2403mm high)
– 40ft HC Container* approx. 99 (2630mm high)

P Core Tray

Length: 1065mm
Width: 385mm
Height: 105mm
Diameter: 86.5mm
Weight: approx. 2.77kg
Core Capacity: 3 Meters
Colour: Pastel Blue
Pallet Qtys:
– Truck approx 65 (2270mm high)
– 20ft Container* approx. 69 (2343mm high)
– 40ft HC Container* approx. 78 (2660mm high)

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