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Our Discoverer® core trays are manufactured from the highest UV stabilized polypropylene available.

It has a high level of resistance to organic chemicals found in drill core recovery.
It is highly resistant to impact.
It is non-magnetic
It is exceptionally durable in the harsh mining/exploration environment.

Because the main sizes used in the industry are the H, N, P & B so we have chosen to invest in the most sought after sizes. We have also standardised the length so that all trays are 1m long. This size was the industry standard in Australia and many other countries.

The Discoverer® core tray offers the industry a standardised mode of core storage. This minimises stock holdings by just carrying one range of standard sized products, instead of the multitude of sizes and types of metal trays.

As the ‘Discoverer®’ Core Trays are a one piece molding they have no pop rivets and welds which means increased product strength, less damaged and unusable trays, dramatically reducing wastage.

Rounded edges mean no more dangerous sharp edges, leading to improved safety when handling.
Built in Handles on both ends of the trays provide safe and easy use when handling.
Built in ID Tag area and optional Tags provide for a permanent record of contents.

A bold START mark was designed to make it absolutely clear to the driller, at which end they should commence to load the core from the core barrel inner tube, eliminating possible errors in logging the core.

The trays are colour coded, allowing for quick and easy identification of the different sizes both in storage and out in the field.

The plastic remains relatively cool to touch when left outside, unlike metal trays. Therefore no more painful burns when handling core trays.

Yes, the Discoverer® core trays are fully recyclable.

The unique raised rib design has been incorporated as they improve drainage, whilst making it easier to slide the core into the tray. This assists in the field, helping to retain the quality of your core.

The Discoverer® core trays have been based on the original design “The Explorer” which has been used in the field since 1993.

Yes. We manufacture cold climates core trays that are tested to -50°C.

You can! Just send us an email to or phone us on +61 7 5482 6649 to arrange.