SafetyCalling all core shed managers, geologists, field hands and drillers.

  • Have you ever suffered a burn injury from picking up a hot galvanised core tray / box?
  • Have you ever sustained a manual handling injury using a core tray / box that has poorly manufactured handles or worse still, no handles at all?
  • Experienced trays / boxes sliding off a pallet causing you a near miss incident and to re-stack the core samples?
  • Have you ever had your boss warn you of the consequences for the next time your core trays / boxes do not maintain the core integrity?
  • Ever been in the unfortunate situation where several inferior quality core boxes / trays have broken?
  • Used wooden core trays / boxes and endured large splinters, mouldy core samples or breakages?
  • Have you had the unfortunate situation where your fingers have suffered a grazing injury from the core getting jammed in the row of a tray / box?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to start using the Discoverer core trays / boxes. The Discoverer core tray / box is made from high grade polypropylene which remains cool to the touch. Our Discoverer core trays / boxes are light with moulded comfortable and safe handles, making it easy for a one or two person lift. The Discoverer is the only core tray / box that stacks and nests which provides stability once filled with core and can be easily palletised on site. Our trays don’t require hazardous metal strapping as we invented the original locking links to secure the trays in place.

The Discoverer core trays / boxes do not corrode and the core samples do not touch once stacked, maintaining your core integrity at all times. Our tough durable polypropylene and UV stabilizer used in the manufacturing process ensures a strong tray reducing the risk of breakage. The discoverer core trays / boxes have ribbed, rounded core rows for storage assisting in the prevention of the core becoming jammed. The Discoverer core tray / box has been used in the field since 1993. With over 20 years of proven use in the field why would you risk using anything else?

The Discoverer….. The Original and the Best.